Individual Climate Change

You would like to do something for the climate privately? Then we offer you smaller tree packages at gross prices on this page. You pay 18 € per tree, which makes 23 cents per year over a lifetime of 80 years.

5 trees

113 kgCO2 sequestration per year, 9,000 kgCO2 sequestration over the life of the trees.

90 €

10 trees

225 kgCO2 sequestration per year, 18,000 kgCO2 sequestration over the life of the trees.

175 €

15 trees

338 kgCO2 sequestration per year, 27,000 kgCO2 sequestration over the life of the trees.

255 €

The values of CO2-storage are statistical average values for a tropical rainforest.

The prices quoted include 19% German value added tax.

The Way to Climate Change




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Please send us your order by eMail to info(at) You will receive an electronic invoice from us and after receipt of payment a certificate for download (only valid with the certificate number stored in our database).

One tree in our tropical greenlimba rainforest stores about 1.8 tons ofCO2 over a lifetime of about 80 years.

How Big is Your Ecological Footprint?

Roundtrip flight Hamburg / Gran Canaria
0.66 tons CO2

0.4 trees
per flight

A private car running 20,000 km per year
6 tons of CO2

3.4 trees
each year

One person living in Germany per year
8 tons of CO2

4.4 Trees
each year

The above number corresponds to the amount of trees that would have to be planted in the
rainforest to sequester the corresponding amount of CO2 over a lifetime of 80 years.

What is Included in the Price?

♦ Immediate climate protection

♦ CO2 offset certificate

♦ Refuge for wild animals such as chimpanzees, exotic birds and forest elephants

♦ Education for rural regions in Sierra Leone / West Africa

♦ Management by a company from Schleswig-Holstein

♦ From the raising tree of seedlings to transplanting on site

♦ Careful care until the trees are big and strong enough

♦ Sustainable project with ISO Risk Management

♦ Generation of jobs in one of the poorest countries in the world