Mighty ones Trees

Are quick helpers

Make your business climate neutral now.

Significantly reducing your company’s CO2 emissions takes a long time. But now you would like to do something for the climate and your marketing for all of us. Then our common solution lies in West Africa! In a huge project area of more than 30,000 hectares, we are planting a new tropical rainforest that grows many times faster than any tree in Europe.

CO 2 compensation

ISO certificate instead of full-bodied promises.

You invest in the reforestation of the rainforest in the north of Sierra Leone and receive a CO 2 certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO standard 14064. We do not give empty promises, but measurable results.

Why in West Africa? Due to the tropical climate, we are able to achieve our climate targets much faster. There are very large areas available for reforestation, much larger than any possible areas in Europe. And last but not least, we are creating jobs in one of the poorest countries in the world and hereby fight migration.

Become an Initiator

Benefit from your investment
immediately and in the long term.

With your investment you achieve an important advantage for your marketing. In the long term you have the option for tradable CO 2 certificates according to international standards.

Invest in greenlimba, invest in the future
of your company and our climate!


Who is behind the project?

Marion von Oppeln and Lars Bessel have been traveling in the West African bush for years, both professionally and as an NGO, know the stakeholders of the region, the mentality of the people and know about the manageable risks. The two creative minds from Northern Germany are undoubtedly idealists, but without losing their reliable view of reality. They are backed up by a network experts from Germany and Sierra Leone.

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