CO2-neutral with the greenlimba forest

In order to make your company CO2-neutral and to use it effectively in advertising, we offer the following bundles:

50 trees

1,100 kg of CO 2 binding per year, 88,000 kg of CO 2 binding over the life of the trees

15 € / tree

750 €

100 trees

2,200 kg of CO 2 binding per year, 176,000 kg of CO 2 binding over the life of the trees

12 € / tree

€ 1,200

250 trees

5,500 kg of CO 2 binding per year, 440,000 kg of CO 2 binding over the life of the trees

10 € / tree

€ 2,500

The CO2 binding values are statistical mean values for a tropical rainforest. You can of course also choose any other graduation of trees from 50 pieces.

The way to CO2 neutrality


Select tree package


By mail or phone




Use CO2 neutrality effectively

Do you want to be a driving force? Would you like to make your company climate neutral? Then send us your order by email to greenlimba (at) (For orders of 1,000 trees or more, please contact us for an individual discount offer.) You will receive an electronic invoice (including VAT) and, after receipt of payment, a corresponding certificate by post.

A tree in our tropical greenlimba rainforest stores around 1.8 tons of CO 2 over its life of around 80 years.


How big is our carbon footprint?

A flight from Hamburg to New York
2.5 tons of CO2

1.4 trees

per flight

A company car with 40,000 km a year
6 tons of CO2

3.4 trees

each year

One person living in Germany per year
8 tons of CO2

4.5 trees

each year

This is the number of trees that would have to be planted in the greenlimba rainforest in order to bind the corresponding amount of CO2 over their lifespan of around 80 years. The numbers are statistical averages.


If you would like to have your company’s individual CO2 footprint calculated, please contact us. We will put you in touch with our expert partners.

Any questions? For example, how is the long life of the trees secured?

What is in the 10 €?

♦ CO2 compensation immediately

♦ A certificate that can be used effectively for advertising

♦ Refuge for wild animals such as chimpanzees and forest elephants

♦ Education for rural areas in Sierra Leone

♦ Processing and support by a German company based in Schleswig-Holstein

♦ Raising tree seedlings to planting on site

♦ Careful care until the trees are big enough and strong enough

♦ According to DIN ISO standard 14064, reliable information instead of imaginative promises

♦ Best possible protection against loss.

♦ Creation of sustainable jobs in the ninth poorest country in the world

„The good news is, we have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming. But we should not wait, we cannot wait, we must not wait. “ Al Gore

Global climate change is now an undisputed fact and the options for addressing it are on the table. More and more companies in Germany are interested in offsetting their carbon footprint and are looking for suitable reforestation projects. The areas in question for this are only available to a limited extent in Germany and Europe. In West Africa it is shrinking
Tropical rainforests, on the other hand, have been for decades, although as part of the equatorial „green lung“ they are essentially responsible for the world climate, and thus also for ours.

The benefits of your investment are complex: in the short term it contributes to the positive image of your company, in the long term to a climate neutrality of your company / your production. Their marketable commitment ultimately leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases and also creates urgently needed jobs in the ninth poorest country in the world. Our socio-economic commitment is complete
transparent and success can be measured in cooperation with international universities in accordance with ISO standard 14064. You will receive a personal certificate and annual project reports from us.

Use your global commitment to „greenlimba“ to retain customers and increase sales at home. Our integrated program is expressly implemented with and not against the local people, ie agriculture will continue to be possible in the project region, it will be done in cooperation with the vocational school of
Kamakwie provide educational opportunities and support in the careful expansion of eco-tourism. The local people are enthusiastic about the idea, they are already clearly feeling the climate change: The rainy seasons are getting harder and longer, the dry seasons hotter. The water table is falling, crops are getting leaner, and the number and extent of bushfires are rising.

Become part of this unique project with an area of more than 30,000 hectares as an investor from the very beginning and experience how a committed idea becomes reality. If you become part of “greenlimba” with your contribution, you will be a driving force!

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