Our Green Lung

Our Green Lung

Sustainable forest projects in Sierra Leone

We produce oxygen and use it to implement sustainable climate protection solutions for companies and people around the world. Why in West Africa? Because the native trees there grow much faster than any forest in Europe due to the tropical climate and store many times more harmful greenhouse gases from the global North.

We are working with you to plant a new rainforest in Sierra Leone on a project area of more than 50,000 hectares – space for over 30 million trees that can store more than 55 million metric tons of CO2. We are also protecting existing rainforest enclaves. We help you equalize your ecological footprint.

Offset Carbon

Offset Carbon

Equalize your ecological footprint easily and quickly – for your company and for you personally. Plant trees with us or protect still existing rainforest and benefit from it.

How big is your footprint?

How big is your footprint?

Roundtrip Hamburg / New York
3.3 t CO2

1.8 trees

per trip

Motor vehicle with 30,000 km mileage per year
11.7 tons CO2

6,5 trees

per year

One person living in Germany per year
10 tons of CO2

5.6 trees

each year

Surface sealing of buildings
per 100 sqm

8 trees


The above number corresponds to the amount of trees that would need to be planted in the greenlimba rainforest to sequester the equivalent amount of CO2 over their average lifetime. The figures are statistical averages for a tropical rainforest. (Sources: Helmholtz Institute, Hamburg-Holstein Transport Authority, Federal Environment Agency)

Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Climate protection in Africa also means help for smallholder families

Sustainability – But How?

Sustainability – But How?

The greenlimba forest is sustainable in many ways

Native trees

To create a healthy rainforest, a good mix of local trees have to be planted, a copy of the remaining rainforest. Monocultures are not planted.

Standards and cooperation

The project is regularly monitored by local and foreign observers. In addition, there are cooperations with universities.

With the People

We plant with the local communities, not against them. The land remains the property of the families, greenlimba receives the right of use for 99 years.

20% commercial forest

Since local people need to make a living, two areas are always planted: a protective forest and a commercial forest for cultivation.

Environmental Education

Education is needed for sustainable development. Only those who know why a tree is important for their own wellfare will be willing to protect it.

On site

The managing directors are regularly in Sierra Leone to ensure the smooth running of the project and to make adjustments.



Here you can find the latest news about our forest projects

Three Trustworthy Seals

Three Trustworthy Seals

Climate protection is a “very important” issue for 70% of end consumers (source: German Federal Environment Agency). In this respect, whether a company takes responsibility for its greenhouse gas emissions also influences the purchasing decision. greenlimba’s climate protection seal confirms that the company voluntarily offsets its unavoidable emissions. This also makes it easier for your company to achieve its CSR and ESG goals and criteria.

With its commitment in Sierra Leone / West Africa, greenlimba proudly and convincingly fulfills goals 8, 13 and 15 of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.