Next round

Our oxygen production goes into the next round: thousands of new rainforest giants are currently growing up in our West African tree nurseries, waiting to become part of the “green lung” in Sierra Leone. Balance your ecological footprint with the help of our sustainable forest projects and order your tree package easily and quickly at …

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The first snacks

Here we go! The first trees are planted! However, the botanists among you will immediately notice that these are not going to be rainforest giants… That’s right! These are cashew seedlings! We are planting our new rainforest in Sierra Leone / West Africa not against, but with the people. Therefore, in addition to the protection …

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Here it is!

Our first sign is up! This is not about self-congratulation: the people in Kakissy and Kasimbek are proud that our first reforestation areas in Sierra Leone / West Africa are located in their two villages of all places. The (recycled) sign was, of course, hand painted by the local sign maker in Kamakwie and the …

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