Carbon Offset for Companies

Carbon Offset for Companies

Equalize your companys carbon footprint quickly, easily and reliably and make your company fit for competition. According to the Federal Environment Agency, climate protection is a “very important” issue for 70% of end consumers. Whether a company takes responsibility for its carbon emissions also influences the purchasing decision of customers. Climate protection is a competitive advantage.

Plant trees

Protect trees

You have the choice

You have the choice

Protecting existing rainforests is important, but it is not enough to address the global climate crisis. This additionally requires large-scale (re)afforestation. With our sustainable forest projects, you therefore have the choice between progressive and conservative climate protection.

For your own carbon balance, this means that if you reforest, your emissions will be stored in the trees over the course of decades; if you protect, carbon offsets immediately. CO2 compensation by means of reforestation is therefore cheaper at €5.56 per ton than immediate compensation (protection) for €9.00 per ton of stored CO2.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you in detail! Because: Our solution is as individual as your company. We are looking forward to your message!

Plant Young Trees

Plant Young Trees

50 trees

1,125 kgCO2 sequestration per year, 90,000 kgCO2 sequestration over the life of the trees.

15 € / tree

750 €

150 trees

3,375 kgCO2 sequestration per year, 270,000 kgCO2 sequestration over the life of the trees.

12 € / tree

€ 1,800

300 trees

6,750 kgCO2 sequestration per year, 540,000 kgCO2 sequestration over the life of the trees.

10 € / tree

€ 3,000

The carbon sequestation values are statistical mean values for a tropical rainforest. From 50 pieces you can also choose any other number of trees. All prices net plus 19% German sales tax.

Protect Old Trees

Protect Old Trees

50 t CO2

Immediate compensation
of your emissions

Price per ton: 11 €

550 €

150 t CO2

Immediate compensation
of your emissions

Price per ton: 10 €

€ 1,500

250 t CO2

Immediate compensation
of your emissions

Price per ton: 9 €

2.250 €

The price on the official carbon exchange market is €30 per metric ton in 2023. Prices plus 19% German VAT.

Surface Sealing

Surface Sealing

For every 100 square meters of sealed area, we plant 8 trees on your behalf. The above discount scale applies analogously and can be combined. In the best case you pay 80 € / 100 sqm.

Three Trustworthy Seals

Three Trustworthy Seals

Climate protection is a “very important” issue for 70% of end consumers (source: German Federal Environment Agency). greenlimba’s climate protection seal confirm that the company voluntarily offsets its unavoidable emissions.

Your company offsets a part of its CO2 emissions each year.

Your company offsets its entire carbon emissions every year.

Your company over-compensates its carbon emissions by 10% annually.

The Way to Carbon Neutrality

The Way to Carbon Neutrality


Calculate carbon footprint


Choose package


Carbon certificate


Carbon neutrality
Use for marketing

Das CO2-Bindungs-Zertifikat von greenlimba bestätigt dem Unternehmen, dass es seine nicht vermeidbaren Emissionen freiwillig kompensiert. Dieses Zertifikat kann auf unterschiedliche Weise für das eigene Marketing eingesetzt werden, um sich von Mitbewerbern abzusetzen, die (Produkt-) Akzeptanz zu erhöhen und so den Verkauf zu fördern.

Kontaktieren Sie uns für eine kostenlose persönliche Beratung. Nach der Bestellung des für Ihr Unternehmen passenden “Baumpaketes” erhalten Sie von uns eine elektronische Auftragsbestätigung und Rechnung (inkl. Mehrwertsteuerausweis) und nach Zahlungseingang ein entsprechendes Zertifikat per Post (nur gültig mit der in unserer Online-Datenbank hinterlegten Zertifikat-Nummer) sowie das dazugehörige Klimaschutz-Siegel (s.u.).

Marketing Specials

Marketing Specials

Best Friends

Give away future rainforest giants and increase the bond with your customers – 100 trees

1.350 €

Game Changer

Climate protection XXL with own company forest – from 3 hectares (1,875 trees) on reliably designated GPS areas

18.375 €

Path Finder

Define your new corporate climate and give your name to a forest path – 1,000 trees

9.900 €

Climate protection is beautiful, that’s why our certificate is too. A real eye-catcher for your customers.