Back in Salone

We are back in Sierra Leone! Marion and Anthony are barely recognizable, so large have the trees in Kakissy grown in just one year. Our new rainforest is growing magnificently!

And the new plantings this year are also impressive. Our team has put well over 6,000 seedlings in the ground over the past three months. In the course of their lives, the will store far more than 10,000 tons of climate-damaging CO2. A great success!

Now it’s time to plan for the 2024 planting season: how many future rainforest giants will we be able to plant then? It’s up to you: Order your tree package now or give trees as a gift for Christmas, adopt a tree or start your own fundraising for greenlimba e.g. on the occasion of your birthday or company anniversary. There are many ways to move our joint project forward. Thank you for your support!